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A Barred Owl From The Breakfast Room Window

May 22, 2011

A family of Barred owls has made  their home here for more than ten years now.  Although they have hundreds of acres to nest in they prefer to be where the action is.  They are a bit like us in that respect. Why hang out in the woods when you can watch the people coming and going.   We have learned to follow their call to each other and can thereby locate their dwelling place.  Yesterday morning this particular owl decided to make a closer appearance and entertain the guest during breakfast.

Gluten Free Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie

May 18, 2011

It seems that more and more people are being diagnosed with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Two family members have recently found they were gluten intolerant and more of our guest are telling us that they are also.

We currently have a guest that is staying four days who is gluten intolerant. One day to cook without gluten isn’t too difficult but 4 days has become a little challenge. Yesterday I found a Betty Crocker box mix for gluten free Chocolate Chip Cookies.  While he was eating his Gluten free Strawberry Waffles made from gluten free Bisquick,  I made these wonderfully easy gluten free chocolate chip cookies.  I sampled the first batch and decided they could use a little enhancing even though they were pretty good as they were.   I like the blended flavor of orange and chocolate so I added a Tablespoon of zest from a fresh orange to the remainder of the dough.  The result was very delicious and gave the cookie a whole new dimension of flavor.  If you are gluten intolerant or know someone who is you should try these!

Lovely White Orchid Lip Resembles Swans

May 16, 2011

I just happened to notice after zooming in to capture the vibrant colors inside this gorgeous white orchid that the lower petal or lip of the orchid resembled two beautiful white swans as it they were back to back. It caused me to do some research on Google  and to the best I could figure this portion of the flower is called the column .  [The male and female reproductive organs of the orchid. The column (technically called a “gynostemium”) is formed by the fusion of male portion of the flower (stamens) and female portion (pistils). This is one major characteristic that defines orchids and differentiates them from all other flowering plants.]  If this is correct, I can’t think of a more beautiful depiction than two swans together.